In the Cushion Mix

In the Cushion Mix

Toss cushions are the easiest way to add interest, texture and style to your home...not to mention the comfort factor! But one of the biggest challenges for my design clients, and why they ultimately hire someone, is the difficulty determining what works best together.

Pattern mixing is something that for me, is second nature and integral to design, but for a homeowner this can get overwhelming and confusing quickly.

The Curated Cushion Bundles are created to take the guess work out of mixing and matching. Each bundle includes two 20" x 20" covers and one 14" x 24" lumbar cover. 

In the case that you want something a little bit different, here are a few tips to help you when you are trying to mix and create your own bundle:

1. Watch pattern scale. Multiple patterns is fine, but try to keep the scale different among them. One could have a large floral, one has a small dot, and one is a textural weave. 

2. If you are buying cushions for your bed, consider getting two 20" x 20" cushions in one pattern and then a coordinating lumbar to sit in front. 

3. Find one linking element where possible. It could be a consistent shape among the cushions, or it could be a colour that all three share in common. Ensure that one cushion cover has the ability to tie the entire scheme together. (Each of the cushion bundles has a "boss" - the one cushion that holds the team together!

4. Have fun. At the end of the day, it is your home and if you love it, that is the point!

Our cushions are all handmade locally, are serged inside for durability and have reinforced corners for longevity. They have hidden zippers and some have special details, such as piping and flanges. These are not your average ready made toss cushions. They are professional designed and handcrafted with the same care, quality and love that go into custom client designs. And don't forget to include an insert



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